You know yourself better than you think.

For some reason I grew up thinking that everyone else knew better than me. Especially when it came to knowing me. It feels as though other people ought to be able to see me better than I can see myself. That seemed logical. I especially lacked faith in my math skills so I always checked my mental and paper math on a calculator. Heck, a calculator knew more than I did. I was doomed.

But after a while, I noticed that when the results came in, I was often right about myself. And those other people? Not so right. I even started to notice that experts were sometimes wrong about all sorts of things. Despite this solid data, I was hardwired to defer to other people and so I continued to doubt myself.

Not any more brothers and sisters! You want to tell me what you think I should do? Well, if I respect you and you’re usually right then yeah, I might seriously consider what you have to say. Otherwise, tell it to your cat because she probably cares more than I do. Especially those people who are super arrogant about it too. The ones who are so certain they know what’s best for you. Well, those people have lost an audience member today.

This girl knows who she is! Unless she doesn’t. Which happens often but it’s okay, that’s what meditation is for.

Here’s a gripping story about my hair
My hair typically looks better when I cut it myself and I even receive more compliments. Isn’t that odd? I’ve even had hairdressers compliment me and they are typically horrified by us DIY idiots. Much in the same way I cringe when people try to do their own design work. It usually looks pretty crappy.

does my hair look okay

Plus, I’m super low-maintenance and my hair is so much work, even just to wash and dry, that I can’t be arsed to do whatever the heck other people do to “style” long hair. I usually just wear it in a ponytail, that’s how lazy I am. For most haircuts to really look good you have to “maintain” them – which is hairdresser code for, “Spend and hour every morning styling your hair and buy a lot of expensive products, that we happen to sell.” This means when they cut my hair it looks kinda lousy after I wash it because I’m never going to take the same pains a hairdresser would to make the cut look it’s best.

The solution: Cut my hair myself and avoid hairdressers. I always trim on the conservative side (well, not always) so after a few weeks, if I find something isn’t working, I can modify it myself until it I’ve nailed it. This whole post was inspired while I was trimming my hair yesterday after my shower. Most of this was written yesterday too – just to save me from having to remember all of this tomorrow, err… today.

For years I felt bad about cutting my own hair whenever I was confronted by one of those “hair experts”. Now I don’t give a $%&#. IT’S JUST HAIR. And it’s my hair and my life so I’m gonna do what I want with it and genuinely not care what a bunch of arrogant experts think.

You can’t tell but right now I’m sticking my tongue out.

So when you think you know what’s best for you – you’re probably right. Unless your wrong. In the end it’s always your life and you’re the one who has to clean up after your own mistakes just like I have to wait for my hair to grow out when I screw up.


  1. says

    Cutting hair by yourself is great! It saves soooo much money! I have gone through periods where I have done that. But it gets to a point where I need professional help once in a while. As a matter of fact, I have a hair appointment this Friday!

  2. Laurie says

    Hey Ren, I used to do the same thing – sometimes I’d book a hair appt. every now and then. I’ve recently discovered a great trick to cut and layer my hair really simply and easily . Now that I have a kid it’s also harder to get out to an appointment so I’ve just given up :) Can’t wait to see your new do!

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