You are designed to go slow.

A brilliant friend of mine who runs wellness workshops and retreats once mentioned that as humans our natural pace is slow to medium. This is probably not the pace at which most of us attempt to operate and so we suffer. I know this is true for me because although I can get quite hyper at times, I tend to easily succumb to overwhelm.

take it easy, slow, turtle

Even the wealth of choices in the grocery store raise my heart rate and I can’t spend too much time there or a little panic attack will set in and force me to find the exit. Either that or I start snapping at my poor husband. And woe to the ESL guy ahead of me at the checkout who argues with the cashier about the price of tomatoes so we have to wait ten minutes for a price check while my toddler screams. He received the death glare for about eight of those minutes.

If only I wasn’t in a rush. If only I didn’t attempt to shove so many activities into one day, one week, one lifetime the way my son once tried to stuff a dozen diapers into his playmobil bus. Only, he was having fun. I wasn’t. Big difference.

The time has come to accept our limitations. To embrace them and call them something different.

Limitations = the stuff we’re made of.

This is the stuff that makes us different. We all operate at our own optimal pace. I doubt most of us are designed to run at the break-neck speed of the people we idolize. I doubt the people we idolize are designed to run at that speed too. They may check off a lot of To Do boxes but what the hell does that matter when you’re dead at 50?

We need days that are not comprised of running from one scheduled event to the other. Sometimes these rapid-fire days just happen, but they are no way to live a life. Well, a short one maybe. Turning down the dial is hard at first. I struggle with it all the time. Sitting in silence (AKA meditation) helps. A lot. Even though I’m not very good at it (yet) it makes a difference for me. Sometimes doing things intentionally slow helps too, like walking. I have long legs, I walk a lot and I move like an olympic speed walker everywhere I go. Walking slowly and purposefully is almost painful for me. Heaven forbid a turtle person should block my path! Grrrr. They can go live happily in slow motion hell with the grocery store price nazis.

My blood has nearly reached a boil just thinking about this. Time to slow down and clear my head for a few minutes… as soon as I finish this post. I think I wrote about this in my book but I can’t remember. If you read it recently let me know. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s free. So go get it now in the format of your choice.

I’m working on putting together an art photo version of the book, or at least part of it. As if I didn’t have enough to work on already, like merging this site with, among a dozen other things. I’m nuts.

Have a great weekend.


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