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It’s still dark which is weird. Recently I started falling asleep with my son around 8pm (by accident) and found myself waking up around 5am. The funny thing is, this is what I’ve been wanting to do… for years. I’ve been trying, and failing, to get to bed early and wake up early so that I can get important stuff done before everyone else wakes up. So far, it’s been brilliant. I haven’t quite figured out exactly what my new early bird routine is going to be but it definitely involves a hot beverage and some meditation. The only thing I can hear right now is the buzzing of the fridge and the clacking of my keyboard.


You may have noticed there was no post yesterday. Work had me quite busy and I just didn’t damn well feel like breaking the flow to force myself to put words on the page when I really had nothing to say. Sometimes it’s nice to be quiet and just listen and not have anything to say.

In fact, I’m only writing today because I said I would, not because I’ve had some profound revelation that must be shared with the world. Or the dozen people who read this, none of whom are related to me.

Actually, scrap that. I did have an insight yesterday that got me excited. I was working on my novel, making good progress, when I thought:

Wouldn’t it be AMAZING if I took one day per week for the next month and just worked on the novel ALL DAY? How fantastic would that be? Imagine how much I could get done! It might actually get completed this year!

I didn’t think those exact words but it went something like that. Part of it I just made up right now as I was writing it. I’m crazy with the improv like that. But really, imagine if there was a project you loved, that you thought would make a huge difference to you and other people, and you could spent an entire day, every week, working on it. That would rock, no?

Now, I know I’m just writing a quasi-erotic, romance novel and it’s not going to alter the course of humanity or anything but it might entertain people for a week or two, depending on how fast they read (and how compelling the story is). But, you know what I mean, right?

Another thing I’ve just discovered that I’m pretty excited about is a company called Manitobah Mukluks. They design and make gorgeous boots based on traditional native Canadian designs and they are really fabulous. I want a pair. No, I NEED a pair. Really, I do need winter boots which is how I discovered them in the first place. One of the things I really dig about the company is the way they tell their story and have crafted their brand. It’s the kind of story that makes you want to find out more, the kind where you feel like you’re part of the lineage when you buy their product. It’s also cool that they’re Canadian, we’re a small group of people up here in the frigid north and we’ve got to stick together. Mostly to keep warm but the camaraderie is nice too.

A pair of those babies are goin’ on Pinterest. Pronto.

Originally, I wasn’t going to promote this journal entry at all. I was just going to quietly post it here on the site and then slip away to go do some yoga. Or read. Probably read. However, I think this actually turned out to not be as random and boring as I feared it might. I mean, there’s nothing worse than someone shoving their dull, poorly written blog in your face and then eagerly standing by for your glowing comments. I don’t do that, do I? Ick, I hope not.

It feels like there’s one final thing I need to tell you but now my mind is drawing a blank. Oh yes, here’s something that is also really cool. Lot’s of great things are happening this week, can you tell? Anyway, I’ve been doing this sort of vision board thing that was inspired by the work of Claudia Azula Altucher. I’ve gone through the whole vision board process a million times before and never have I experienced results like this. Well, maybe not a million, but lots of times. There’s something a little different about her technique and her approach that I think is really cool. One of the keys to rockin’ this thing (in my opinion) is  when you find an image of something your want or that calls to you , Claudia suggests saying to yourself:

This, or something better.

I feel these few words are a huge differentiator. Because the words “something better” are relatively vague, it expands the wanting in the mind to be open so that no matter what form you receive something in, it could very well be better than what you originally thought you wanted (or needed). For example, have you ever noticed that sometimes you need something and you envision that it must show up a certain way in your life but then you get your need met through a different channel and don’t realize it until later? Like, maybe you dream of having a backyard pool and then you meet a new friend who has a stunning backyard pool and extends an open invitation to come by whenever you like. Pools are expensive and high-maintenance so maybe what you really wanted was the pleasure of going for a swim now and then or just sitting on the deck with a cold beer on a hot day. Or hanging out with friends by the pool. You got what you actually wanted, deep down, but didn’t realize that’s all you really needed.

Here are a few resources regarding the vision board:
Claudia’s 9 Steps to Create the Year You Want
No B.S. Ways to go from Desire to Manifestation
A 30 minute interview with Claudia – where she talks further with Wendy Hernandez about the vision board and tells her own personal story. A must watch.

For my vision board I created a secret board on Pinterest and am collecting inspiring images I find. I’ve also used Pinterest to search for images of things I want this year from a new hairdryer to a carpet for our living room. It’s a lot of fun and I’ve found both my mindset and external events starting to shift for me just from doing this simple exercise.

Make sense? If not, let’s discuss this further down below because I’ve run out of steam and I think my son is waking up…


  1. Laurie says

    Wow, thanks Rob. That’s a huge endorsement. It’s usually my intention to make a difference for the person reading my words so I’m glad it’s actually working!

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