A few amazing discoveries.

Don’t you love it when you’re hit over the head with some amazing insight? Sometimes the insights hurt though, like a punch to the gut. Those are the ones where you finally accept that something you deeply wanted to be true turned out to be a fat, ugly lie. There are a few of those in this list as well as just some fantastic stuff that I figured out either by making my own mistakes or by testing out the theory of someone much smarter or bolder than I. Here it goes:

1. If you want gorgeous hair, stop using shampoo. This sounds crazy. The good thing is, I was crazy enough to try it. What’s the worst that could happen? My hair becomes really disgusting and I have to wear it in a pony-tail? I do that every day anyway. The secret is washing your scalp with baking soda and rinsing it with vinegar. That’s it. Super easy. Want to know exactly how to do it? Have a look at the movement here. (Yes, it’s apparently movement of sorts).

The no poo hair method

The dynamic duo for amazing hair.

2. You want a popular blog or a huge social media following? It’s not about what you write it’s all about who you know. I should have learned this from Jim Carrey over fifteen years ago when I saw him on TV in his Unnatural Act. However, I was really hit hard with the realization after reading this article that no matter how freaking awesome my writing or my photos or my whatever is, no one cares. Unless… I am endorsed by someone they already love/worship and most likely give lots of money to. Does that mean I have to start kissing popular ass? Ick, I hope not. There’s got to be a better way!

I like the idea of making connections, period. That part of the article resonated with me when I skimmed it just now – those words stood out and smacked me in the face. But in a good way. Not sure what that’s going to look like but maybe if I meditate on it an answer will come. Or you might provide the answer in the comments. Both are good.

3. You can take great self-portraits using a mirror. But not the way most people do it. I just discovered this by accident today. All you need to do is use a mirror to see the screen of your phone so that you can point the camera at yourself and not at you in the mirror. Make sense? This way you’re using the mirror to see the screen of your camera which is facing away from you in order to better align your shot and make sure your hair still looks okay. Give it a try – it’s pretty cool! I’m very proud of myself for discovering this. You could also use this method to take a nice pic of yourself with a real camera as well.

4. I waste far too much time on social media. I’ve written about this before but now I’m confident the returns are just not there – at least the way I use social media and what I write about requires a different approach. Also, it makes me feel kind of depressed and/or crazy in addition to totally destroying my productivity. Most SM applications create a culture of taking free stuff. Everybody wants free information and they’re not really interesting in paying for anything. It just doesn’t seem like a great conversion tool.

4. Writing in my journal every day has reduced the quality of my writing. Overall my speed and focus have improved but if I care at all about the impact on the reader, and I do care deeply about that, then I think posting every day is not a good way for me to produce quality work that resonates. Of course, if you also consider point #2 above then writing every day is pointless if I don’t know the right people who are helping to promote my work. The who you know factor has been an important part of work and business for probably hundreds if not thousands of years. It still holds true in 2014, or whenever you’re reading this.

Are you a life scientist too? What have you discovered recently that you want to share? Post in the comments or send me a note, or communicate telepathically, whatever works for you. Have a great weekend & see you tomorrow!


  1. says

    “I waste far too much time on social media”. I think many of us feel this way after a certain amount of time. Unless… you sell social media or web based services, it can be a very depressing experience.

    I grow weary of the same guru’s talking about the same stuff in different posts. Day after day,,,, its hell.

    I have found just enough interesting people to keep me coming back… you, Stephan, David… some of the truly Authentic personalities who focus on valuable information. But, for the most part, if you don’t sell internet stuff (Social media) you will only go broke spending time on S.M. IMHO.

  2. Laurie says

    Mike, “It can be a very depressing experience” – that’s a great way to put it. Unless you’re a social media rock star 😉 I think I’m just going to focus on the cool people I’ve met online and block out all the other “gurus”.


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