Honour rest the way you honour work.

Are you an owl or an early-bird? Or maybe you're a nice balance in-between? On one hand I envy owls because it makes socializing a breeze. It seems we live in a culture where there is the perception that you can't have fun unless you stay up late. … [Read more]

Is Print Marketing Dead?

The short answer is... no. The long answer is below. I was winding my way through a web-link rabbit-hole when I stumbled upon this article. As a print designer, I'm often challenged by the technology behind web and digital design. It's not that … [Read more]

This is why I married him.

Sometimes we fail to appreciate the people who have done the most for us. Sometimes they are the people who have to put up with us every day. Today I was reminded of the time my bike was stolen many years ago. My husband and I were just dating at … [Read more]

You are designed to go slow.

A brilliant friend of mine who runs wellness workshops and retreats once mentioned that as humans our natural pace is slow to medium. This is probably not the pace at which most of us attempt to operate and so we suffer. I know this is true for me … [Read more]

Random Ramblings.

It's still dark which is weird. Recently I started falling asleep with my son around 8pm (by accident) and found myself waking up around 5am. The funny thing is, this is what I've been wanting to do... for years. I've been trying, and failing, to get … [Read more]

A few amazing discoveries.

Don't you love it when you're hit over the head with some amazing insight? Sometimes the insights hurt though, like a punch to the gut. Those are the ones where you finally accept that something you deeply wanted to be true turned out to be a fat, … [Read more]